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10 Teepee Themes to choose from

* Floral Bliss * Enchanted Woods * Star Wars * Sweet Tropicana * Tribal Spirit *

* Hero Hideout * Flamingo Fever * Gone Camping * Unicorn Magic * Pet Mania *




Floral Bliss

Step into a garden of enchantment with our Floral Bliss teepee party theme!

Immerse yourself in a world of blooming beauty as delicate petals and lush greenery surround you. From floral garlands to soft pastel hues, every detail is meticulously curated to evoke a sense of serenity and joy.

Let their imaginations blossom as they embark on an unforgettable adventure amidst the fragrant flowers and vibrant colors. With our Floral Bliss theme, every moment becomes a fairy tale waiting to unfold.

Enchanted Woods

Step into a realm of enchantment and mystery with our Enchanted Woods teepee party theme! Enter a forest alive with magic, where ancient trees whisper secrets and woodland creatures frolic amidst the shadows.

With mossy greens, earthy browns, and twinkling lights, this immersive setup transports young adventurers to a world of wonder and imagination. From rustic wooden accents to fairy lights and friendly foxes, every detail evokes the enchanting allure of the forest.

With our Enchanted Woods theme, the possibilities are as endless as the depths of the forest, promising a day filled with enchantment and delight.

Star Wars

Embark on an epic intergalactic journey with our Star Wars teepee party theme! Enter a galaxy far, far away where the Force is strong and adventure awaits at every turn.

With iconic imagery, space-age decor, and galactic props, this immersive setup transports young Jedi and Sith alike into the heart of the Star Wars universe. Whether it’s joining the Rebel Alliance or pledging allegiance to the Empire, there’s excitement and thrills for all in this cosmic celebration.

With our Star Wars theme, may the Force be with you as you embark on an unforgettable journey through the stars!

Sweet Tropicana

Indulge in a taste of paradise with our Sweet Tropicana teepee party theme! Transport your little ones to a sun-kissed oasis where the air is filled with the scent of exotic fruits and the sound of gentle waves lapping at the shore.

With vibrant hues of pink, yellow, and green, accented by playful tropical fruits, this delightful setup captures the essence of a tropical getaway. Every detail invites young adventurers to bask in the warmth of the tropics.

Let their imaginations soar as they embark on a journey filled with sunshine, laughter, and endless fun. In Sweet Tropicana, every moment is a sweet escape to paradise!

Tribal Spirit

Step into a world of relaxed elegance with our Tribal Spirit teepee party theme! Embrace the free-spirited vibe of bohemian style as you enter a space filled with earthy tones, natural textures, and whimsical accents.

With dreamcatchers, macramé hangings, and soft, flowing fabrics, this laid-back setup exudes a sense of bohemian charm and tranquility. Let your little ones unwind and connect with their inner wanderer as they lounge in cozy teepees adorned with plush cushions and eclectic décor.

Every moment is an opportunity to embrace the beauty of simplicity and celebrate the joy of togetherness. With our Tribal Spirit theme, let the carefree spirit of bohemian living inspire a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories!

Hero Hideout

Gear up for an action-packed adventure with our Hero Hideout teepee party theme!

Enter a world where ordinary kids become extraordinary superheroes, defending justice and battling evil alongside their favourite comic book icons. With vibrant colours, dynamic graphics, and heroic emblems, this thrilling setup transforms your space into a bustling metropolis ripe for adventure. Whether they’re leaping tall buildings in a single bound or thwarting dastardly villains, there’s no limit to the excitement and fun in store.

With our Superheroes theme, unleash your child’s imagination and let them soar to new heights as they save the day in style!

Flamingo Fever

Get ready to step into a vibrant colourful paradise with our Flamingo Fever teepee party theme!

Step into a tropical paradise where vibrant hues of pink and lush greenery transport you to a world of sunny skies and swaying banana palms. With playful flamingo accents, tropical greens, and breezy fabrics, this lively setup sets the stage for a party like no other.

Let your little ones soak up the sunshine and dance to the rhythm of the tropics as they celebrate amidst the flamingo fun. With our Flamingo Fever theme, the party is always vibrant, the vibes are always tropical, and the memories are always unforgettable!

Gone Camping

Pack your bags and grab your marshmallows because it’s time for a camping adventure with our Gone Camping teepee party theme!

Step into the great outdoors where the scent of pine trees fills the air and the stars twinkle overhead. With cozy tents, rustic lanterns, and faux campfires, this immersive setup brings the magic of the wilderness right to your backyard.

Let your little ones embrace their inner explorers as they roast marshmallows, tell ghost stories, and embark on nature-inspired scavenger hunts. Whether it’s pitching tents or stargazing under the night sky, every moment is a chance to create lasting memories in the great outdoors. With our Gone Camping theme, the adventure never ends and the fun is always just around the corner!

Unicorn Magic

Enter a realm of pure enchantment with our Unicorn Magic teepee party theme! Let your child’s imagination take flight as they journey into a world where unicorns roam and rainbows paint the sky.

With pastel hues, shimmering rainbows, and whimsical unicorn friends, this magical setup is sure to captivate the hearts of all who enter. Every detail is designed to evoke a sense of wonder and delight.

Embark on a mystical adventure where dreams come true and the magic of unicorns fills the air. With our Unicorn Magic theme, the possibilities are as endless as the horizons of a fairy-tale kingdom.


Embark on furry fun with our Pet Mania teepee party theme! Whether your little ones are crazy for cats or dotty for dogs, our pet-themed setup promises a day filled with cuddles, laughter, and unforgettable moments with their favorite animal companions.

With adorable pet prints, cozy pet beds, and playful toys galore, this immersive setup transforms your space into a pet paradise where kids can let their imaginations run wild.

So gather ’round, animal lovers, and get ready to unleash a day of tail-wagging fun and paw-some adventures with our Pets teepee party theme!